Under 15s (Year 10)

Training Details

From September 2023, our Woking Cougars Cougars Team will train on... Tuesday evenings, from 18.00  - 19.30 at the Gordons School Sports Hub

Whereas, our Woking Cougars Colts Team will train on Friday evenings, from 19.30 - 21.00 at our venue in Woking College

Players should attend training in clothing appropriate for football (and the weather), including astro boots or plastic studded football boots and shin-pads.  Additionally, they should also bring a drink.

For general guidance relating to club registrations, membership fees and kit, please see here.

Best wishes

Amer Jamil

07731 757536

(Squad AGM)


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Age Group Contact Details

Please note, this squad is for children born between the 1st September 2008 and 31st August 2009

When contacting this Squad AGM (Age Group Manager), please include the following information; as this will assist in providing you with the most appropriate guidance.

  • Childs name
  • The childs Date of Birth
  • The child current School Year
  • An overview of their training, playing history, position and skill level.

Thereafter please click here to email the Squad AGM and the Deputy AGM.

AGM Amer Jamil
AGM Deputy Peter Pooke

Teams Details

Please use the following links to view the respective Woking Cougars team, and its associated list of fixtures and or results.


Team League Fixtures Results Table
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Important notes: please see the following…

Fixtures: We would kindly ask that you defer to your Team Manager for confirmation and or subsequent updates regarding match KO times etc; especially as these can sometimes get changed due to pitch / venue availability in the week leading up to your match.


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